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PlayPaws Electric Moving Smart Ball

PlayPaws Electric Moving Smart Ball

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Keep your pets entertained for long periods of time! 

The PlayPaws Electric Moving Smart Ball - the perfect toy to keep your pets entertained for hours on end! With motion activation, this ball will continue to roll, providing endless fun and play for your furry friends. Say goodbye to boredom with the Electric Moving Smart Ball, and say hello to new toys for your pets to enjoy!

Durable and Long Lasting Battery Life

Designed for endless playtime with its durable and long-lasting battery. Keep your furry friend entertained and active for hours on end, without worrying about constantly replacing batteries. The perfect toy for pets who love to play!

No Damage to Furniture!

Discover the revolution of playtime with the PlayPaws Electric Moving Smart Ball. With its rubber ends, this toy ensures no damage to your furniture while providing endless entertainment for your furry friend. Say goodbye to old, original tennis balls and welcome the future of playtime!



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