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PlayPaws Treat/Teeth Cleaning Toy Ball

PlayPaws Treat/Teeth Cleaning Toy Ball

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Looking For a 3 in 1 Product for your Pets?

The PlayPaws Treat/Cleaning Toy Ball brings multiple benefits to your beloved pets. It not only acts as a slow feeder for your pets to consume treats at a safe pace, but also clean their teeth, and allow them to have fun while doing so! 

Slow Feeder

Slow feeding is important for you pets as it allows them to not choke on their food while consuming it. It also prevents bloating and uneasy bowel movements for your pet. The PlayPaws Treat/Cleaning Toy Ball is will accomplish this goal greatly by allowing the dog to manually consume the treats slowly.


The PlayPaws Treat/Cleaning Toy Ball is extremely durable for extreme and excessive use with pets. It also made of a material that is safe for dogs to chew on without any issues. 

Training/Smart Feeding

The PlayPaws Treat/Cleaning Toy Ball is a slow feeding interactive toy that provides mental stimulation while promoting a healthier eating pace. With its innovative design, it encourages cats and small dogs to play and clean their teeth simultaneously. Give your furry friend a fun and fulfilling playtime while keeping their dental health in check.

Teeth Cleaning

The PlayPaws Treat/Cleaning Toy Ball is an interactive toy for dogs that also offers unique benefits. With its dual functionality as a cleaning ball and tooth cleaner, this toy promotes better oral health for your furry friend. Keep your dog entertained and their teeth clean with this innovative toy.

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